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Guide for spotting tax dodgers

Businesses based in the UK aren’t playing on a level playing field. From our local bookshops, right up to big names like John Lewis they’re being undercut by tax dodgers. Something needs to change. 


Tax dodger


Our public services are being cut and we’re being asked to tighten our belts whilst others are being let off scot free. 

Google even recently admitted "We could pay more tax but we would have to do so voluntarily". They're not the only ones dodging their tax though, click on the company names on the left to find out more.

It's not just corporations either, scores of high profile business people and celebrities have been in the papers for using various tricks to lower their taxes.  Until we can force the government to change the laws, we can use our power as customers to put pressure on the tax dodgers. Here is a handy guide on who to avoid:


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