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Save our NHS campaign


The NHS has been part of our lives for 67 years, but now it’s make or break. The NHS isn’t getting the cash it needs. And the government is letting money-hungry private companies carve out profits from treating the sick.


Thousands of 38 Degrees members are taking part in "NHS Calling" - talking to thousands of people on the phone, across the country, about how we can all use our votes to protect our NHS. Can you give a couple of hours on the phone between now and May 7th?


Yes I'll take to the streets for the NHS on Saturday 25th April

Thousands of 38 Degrees members are coming together in town centres across England before to save our NHS. Can you spare an hour one Saturday to join in?


On Saturday 25th April, thousands of 38 Degrees members are meeting on local high streets to gather hundreds of signatures on local ‘Save our NHS’ petitions. We're reminding people that our NHS is a precious, life-saving service - and asking them to join us in saying no to cuts and privatisation.

You can see how the first Save Our NHS day went by watching this inspiring two minute video:



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